Import & Distribution

Auto Chen is one of the first Automotive Importer and Distributor in the Israeli market. Since 1964 the company has been distributing Passanger cars ,Commercial vehicles and buses with an impeccable reputation and a state-of-the-art infrastructure of sales, after sales including spare part Distribution. Highly reputable and recommended by both customers and manufacturers.

Marketing & Sales

Specialized Sales and Marketing team, a network of luxury Showrooms and vast experience and knowledge are the some with  of the reasons for Auto Chen’s success. Innovative thinking and methodology are behind the creation of new market segments and a customized, customer-oriented Experience. The experience conjoined with innovation, results in the  Company’s ability to provide excellent service both to end customers and to businesses. 

After Sales

18 After Sales Service Centers hand picked to provide a superb service. Trained staff with expertise in the newest technologies: Electric & CNG buses, Diesel and Combustion engine vehicles from Private car to Commercial and Public Transportation Vehicles.
Our experience in deploying A top of the line After Sales Network in a very short time, as we successfully did for Golden Dragon bus, is a unique asset to any brand entering the local market.


50 years of experience merged with innovative thinking. An effective customer-oriented organization driven by excellence and long lasting relationships both with customers and business partners.Detailed oriented management with a vision of the local and global automotive market.Personal Service, agility and ability to create tailor made customized solutions.And over all a big passion for the automotive Industry and our customers.



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Prestigious Showrooms

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Services Center Network

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Spare Parts & Logistics


We welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback and we’re happy to answer any questions you
may have on the products and services that we offer.
please contact us directly at one of our offices below.

18 Ha’masger St. Tel Aviv 67774
T. +972 (0)3 639 1377
F. +972 (0)3 687 7002

17 Haneviim St. Jerusalem 95103
T. +972 (0)2 625 0281
F. +972 (0)2 6259059