In 2012 Golden Dragon Israel was Established by the Blilious Group.

Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co. LTD is a joint venture company established in 1992 and specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling medium-large sized luxury buses and light vans. Golden Dragon has three manufacture plants and an annual output capacity of more than 40,000 buses.

During the past years, Golden Dragon has made significant investments to expand the production capacity, make technology innovations, pursue new solutions, adopt the highest quality standards and improve the after-sales services. In overseas market Golden Dragon ranks among the top players in China’s coach industry in terms of annual output capacity, range of products and sales volume.

Golden Dragon seeks to offer high quality vehicles that meet it’s customers standards and specific demands at affordable prices. Therefore, Golden Dragon has invested a lot in manufacturing and testing facilities to ensure the qualified products. Besides that, ISO9001: 2000 standard is implemented all around, and the whole-process quality control system is strictly carried out. for every 

In Israel Golden Dragon is a leading Bus importers selling to all major public private transport operators in Israel.

The group was the 1st Importer to introduce a Chinese brand and offer EV customized solutions for public transportation,   reaching  a close to 20% market share in the 1st year and maintaining a significant market share ever since.

Amongst it’s vehicles are 36 different types and models, including City, Intercity, Minibus, Electric and CNG Buses.







Inner City Electric HaArgaz

Inner City Gas

Inner Electric City Merkavim

Inner City Bus Egged

Luxury Tourism Bus

Snow Leopard

Inner City Diesel


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